Saginaw County Fire ALERTS


To subscribe send an email to signup@alert.moses.bz in the body of the message put:
join 73fire.department@alert.moses.bz, youremail

The above will add you to the list. You will get a message back telling you it was added.
Make sure you put the comma between the list name and your email address.
If you want multiple
departments just put each department on it’s own line in the email.

List Name Department
73fire@alert.moses.bz, All Saginaw County Departments
73fire.albee@alert.moses.bz, Albee
73fire.birchrun@alert.moses.bz, Birch Run
73fire.blumfield@alert.moses.bz, Blumfield
73fire.bridgeport@alert.moses.bz, Bridgeport
73fire.buenavista@alert.moses.bz, Buena Vista
73fire.carrollton@alert.moses.bz, Carrollton
73fire.chesaning@alert.moses.bz, Chesaning
73fire.frankenmuth@alert.moses.bz, Frankenmuth
73fire.jamestwp@alert.moses.bz, James TWP
73fire.jonesfield-lakefield@alert.moses.bz, Jonesfield / Lakefield
73fire.kochville@alert.moses.bz, Kochville
73fire.maplegrove@alert.moses.bz, Maple Grove
73fire.mariontwp@alert.moses.bz, Marion TWP
73fire.mbs@alert.moses.bz, MBS Airport
73fire.richland@alert.moses.bz, Richland
73fire.saginawtwp@alert.moses.bz, Saginaw TWP
73fire.spaulding@alert.moses.bz, Spaulding
73fire.taymouth@alert.moses.bz, Taymouth
73fire.thomas@alert.moses.bz, Thomas
73fire.titabawassee@alert.moses.bz, Titabawassee
73fire.tritwp@alert.moses.bz, Tri TWP
73fire.zilwaukee@alert.moses.bz, Zilwaukee